We are half way into the fall season in northern hemisphere and the Vedic season is called Sharad. This carries the “Marana” or death like energy that is so essential for a new cycle of creation. The earth is decked with leaves from trees and the smell is smoky, from the mixture of earth, rotten leaves and the damp of the rain. The planet Mercury is ruler of the season that represents the earth element in the universe and controls the nose or the sense of smell. Leaves fall and become food for the other living organisms. The trees prepare themselves to withstand the hard winter with minimum light. It is a very therapeutic process and we humans too should take the opportunity to reflect and clear away the cobwebs around us and inside us, so that we can move forward in the spring.

The recent transit of Saturn into Sagittarius now allows people with fixed ascendants to breathe easier. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius have had a tough time since February 2016 with three malefics – the two Nodes of the Moon- Rahu and Ketu and Saturn in their quadrants completing a Sarpa Yoga. Now, as the last malefic Saturn moved out of Scorpio they are free from the twines of the bondage, it is time to reflect on the doings of the past 18 months to see whether one needs to lighten the load. This Sarpa Yoga will be repeated for Dual Ascendants (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) from March 2019 but only 8 months as a transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will break it November 2019.

The world continues to struggle from a Kala Amrita Yoga where all planets are hemmed between the two nodes Rahu and Ketu; it will only be broken by the Sun as it enters Capricorn on Jan 14th next year. Keep mentally fit and passions under control.

On Sunday 3rd of December, I will be presenting on “Auspicious Directions” at the East West Wisdom Workshop organised by the Circle of Divine Astrology at the Astrological Lodge in London https://www.facebook.com/Astrological-Lodge-of-London-9653404461

Finally here’s a recording of an impromptu live reading of Mia Distonia, Artist that I did in the summer and was recorded and produced by the Circle of Divine Astrology