August is a packed with lots of celestial events. The Sun clears its first gandanta point from Cancer to Leo late in the evening of August 16th. Prior to that we will have a partial lunar eclipse on the 7th that will be visible in most of Europe and Asia. It will not be visible in London and the eclipse is in the sign Capricorn in the nakshatra of Shravana. This will be followed by total solar eclipse on August 21st in the sign of Leo in Magha Nakshatra. Here’s the link to the article I have written on The Great American Eclipse of 2017 and how it will affect us and especially those that have Leo Ascendants and Sun or Moon in Magha. For those who are seriously interested in UK politics, I have analysed the fortunes of UK with respect to this solar eclipse and a few others in the article UK – Fortunate or eclipsed?

We do end the month on a positive note with the celebration of Ganesha’s birthday on the 25th of the month. Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is the usherer of good beginnings and remover of all obstacles. Let us take some time out to clear out the energies of this heavy month on the day by honouring him. Some make a sculpture of Ganesha, or paint his yantra while others prefer japa.